NoCo Grocery Grab: Everything You Need to Know about our NEW Event

You’ve probably seen us talking a lot about the NoCo Grocery Grab and you might be wondering, what is it? 


This event is our take on the classic Supermarket Sweep television show. Remember that?


The NoCo Grocery Grab brings that energy while being able to support a local business in Lucky’s Market and support mentoring and prevention education for the youth of Northern Colorado. 

How does this work?

Great question. 

First anyone interested in the chance for our shopping spree first has to purchase a raffle tickets. You can’t win unless you play! Our raffle will be on April 26th at 10:30 AM both virtually on our Facebook Live and in-person at 530 S College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80524. 

If you are drawn as one of winners, we will contact you to let you know to get ready and lace up those sneakers. 👟


Then on April 30th at 6AM the real fun will begin. 


Ok, now what?

Now, on your marks, get set go! 

Our teams of two will have four minutes to race around that store to grab groceries that will add up to their total prize and return to the front. Each team will receive one shopping cart and one basket. When either is full they may grab another empty cart/basket. Shoppers DO NOT have to remain together.


After the four minutes is up, shoppers will check out with the help of the Lucky’s employees and Partners volunteers. If a team is over their amount they must eliminate items to get under their total. If a team is under their amount, that is what items they will receive. 

Not to mention each team will have hidden prizes throughout the store that they can find for additional fun! 

Some of these include visa gift cards, oil changes, and enough coffee to last a year! 

alright I’m sold

Good. So here’s what to do now. 


Can’t join? Still want to make an impact? Great! You can do that buy giving a gift to help us continue our work of changing lives and shaping futures! 



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