Pivotal Partner Giving Society

To honor our incredible and generous top donors, Partners created the Pivotal Partner Giving Society in 2016. It is now bigger than ever as we continue to garner incredible support for our growing mission. Interested in learning more? Below are the basics–please don’t hesitate to reach out to Heather Vesgaard, Executive Director, with any questions.  


Q: What is the Pivotal Partner Giving Society? 

A: Pivotal Partners are our committed top individual donors who invest significantly in the mission of Partners. The Giving Society is made up of these top donors and we offer exclusive opportunities for this donor group.  


Q: What is the Pivotal Partner giving level? 

A: The Pivotal Partner giving level covers the average cost to financially support one partnership for an entire year in our program, which is $1,800 annually. We also have several members who cover the cost of multiple partnerships; some cover 2, some cover 25! 


Q: What are the benefits of joining the Pivotal Partner Giving Society?  

A: Benefits include: 

  • Occasions to network and socialize with other significant donors   
  • Recognition at events and in publications 
  • Opportunities to serve as ambassadors for Partners 
  • A closer relationship to the organization and our leadership team 
  • Greater benefits from Partners’ inclusion in the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit, as you may gain an additional credit up to 50% on CO state income taxes.  

Q: How big is the Pivotal Partner Giving Society? 
A: We currently have over 50 members in good standing and are aiming to grow the group every year to help support our growing number of youth served.  


Q: Beyond their generous donations, how can Pivotal Partners help Partners succeed? 

A: There are several ways for Pivotal Partners to become an Ambassador for Partners, including:  

  • Host a gathering and invite your network to learn about our mission and impact. We can help share our story by attending the event or sending you resources and tools. 
  • We rely on local companies as sponsors and corporate donors. If you know of a company who may be a good fit, introduce us! 
  • If you are looking for a greater level of responsibility and leadership, consider joining one of our Event Committee or our Board of Directors. 
  • Help Partners grow by sharing our volunteer opportunities (we always need more mentors) and our fundraising events and campaigns. 
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