Tools for Monitoring Your Own Intoxication

Whether you are getting out to see more friends and family right now, or you are staying in and keeping yourself entertained at home, we know alcohol may be part of your plans. Keep yourself and those around you safe by using one (or both) of these tools to monitor your own alcohol consumption.  

DRUIDapp for iOS and Android 


The DRUID app applies neuroscience to assess a user’s level of cognitive and motor impairment due to any cause, including alcohol intoxication, marijuana use, fatigue, and injury. It works like a video game, and records hundreds of indicators to detect impairment in just three minutes.  


The app is comprehensive (tests for many causes of impairment), accurate, fast, easy to use, and free. Unlike impairment due to drugs or alcohol, impairment due to fatigue, illness, chronic condition or injury, like concussion, cannot be determined by measuring the presence of an impairing substance in bodily fluids – blood, urine or sweat. 


And for some drugs, particularly marijuana, testing for its bodily presence just doesn’t work. Marijuana causes impairment for an hour or two, but remains in your system for three weeks or more. During that time, it has no impairing effect. A test for its bodily presence is not useful to determine your ability to operate a vehicle or other machinery, or your well-being, because it does not measure impairment. 


DRUID can help keep you safe if you: 


  • Have been drinking alcohol 

  • Are impaired due to fatigue, illness, a chronic medical condition, or prescription medicines 

  • Treat chronic pain using medical marijuana 

  • Use marijuana or illegal drugs recreationally 


DRUID is available in the App Store and Google Play. 



BACtrack is a personal, portable breathalyzer specifically designed to help you make better decisions while drinking. BACtrack allows you to estimate your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) in seconds and tells you when your BAC will return to 0.00%, so you can stay safe and consume alcohol responsibly. 


A number of factors affect how quickly an individual’s BAC rises and falls, including: age, gender, rate of consumption, drink strength, body type, fat/muscle content, metabolism, medications, food, carbonation, and certain medical conditions. Whether you drink regularly or only occasionally, your own BAC may surprise you. Knowing your true BAC at any time allows you to make safer decisions for yourself and those around you. 


Research suggests that education about blood alcohol content contributes to fewer incidences of impaired driving. BACtrack technologies have helped people avoid fatal accidents. 


Purchase a BACtrack for yourself or someone you love for as little as $39.99. Coupons are often available.  


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