Spark Campaign 2023 -- $165,000 Goal

The 2023 Spark Campaign will officially launch later this year. If you want to give early and set us up for success, use this button to give now: 

YOU can make a difference in the lives of local youth this holiday season

Youth are searching for meaningful connections as our world is increasingly disconnected and fractured. We know that youth thrive when they have  positive adult role models, useful coping tools, and empowering skills to help support them through challenges in their lives. 


That’s where Partners comes in. We have never stopped working to provide an ever-growing number of northern Colorado youth with the support they deserve. Participants in our high-quality mentoring and prevention education programs experience a significant improvement in their mental health, gaining confidence, trust, and hope. 


And now you can help by supporting our 2023 Spark Campaign. We need to raise $165,000 by Dec. 31st to continue our important programs for the youth of Northern Colorado. That’s what it takes for us to match and support 92 local youth with a mentor.  


Here's how YOU can help!

Our youth need your support! Every dollar raised  helps us 

continue changing lives and shaping futures. 

Big impacts don’t happen without community-minded businesses and organizations. Do you have a business who would be interested in sponsoring? Click above to learn more! 

Thank you to our sponsors!

Join us in Sparking:



this holiday season.

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