A group of college students gathers around a small table with a Jenga tower. Mugs of tea rest on the table in front of two of them.

7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Sober

7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Sober

The winter holidays are a magical time filled with joy, togetherness, and celebrations. However, for many, these festivities are marred by the dangerous and often tragic consequences of impaired driving. Whatever your reasons for avoiding drugs and alcohol this holiday season, here are seven ways to celebrate the holidays sober.


Holiday Movie Marathon

Gather your friends and family for a cozy movie night. Pick classic holiday films, make some delicious snacks, and enjoy a night of laughter and togetherness. Don your coziest pajamas or wear your best ugly sweater. This is a great way to create cherished memories without the need for alcohol.

A young woman in a holiday sweater and a young woman in an orange blouse laugh while trying to untangle a piece of string. They are standing next to a table with pieces of fabric, beads, and crafting tools.]

Seasonal Crafts with Friends

Embrace your creative side by making holiday-themed crafts and decorations. From handmade ornaments to DIY wreaths, crafting can be a wonderful way to bond with the ones you love. Use your creations to decorate your home for the season, or share the holiday spirit when you donate crafts to a local hospital, assisted living facility, or homeless shelter.


Bake Festive Treats

Gather your loved ones for a baking extravaganza. Whether you’re making cookies, gingerbread houses, or a Yule log, baking together is a fun, rewarding, and delicious way to celebrate – no alcohol necessary.


Give Back in Your Community

Spread the holiday cheer by volunteering at local charities or shelters. Helping those in need not only makes a positive impact on others but also provides a fulfilling way to celebrate the spirit of giving.


Themed Potluck

Gather your friends for a themed potluck dinner. Each person can bring a dish that represents their cultural background or favorite holiday tradition, making it a culinary celebration that everyone can enjoy. Serve non-alcoholic mocktails or spirits, or your favorite hot cocoa recipe.

A group of college students gathers around a small table with a Jenga tower. Mugs of tea rest on the table in front of two of them.

Game Night

Games are a fantastic way to bring family and friends together. Board games, card games, or even charades can provide hours of entertainment, laughter, and a great way to have fun while staying sober.


Gift Exchange

Gift-giving is a central part of the holiday season. Organize a gift exchange with coworkers, friends, or family to exchange thoughtful and meaningful presents – or hilarious gag gifts. Add an element of surprise when you make it an anonymous “Secret Santa” exchange.


Sober-Friendly Community Events

Many communities offer non-alcohol-focused or even alcohol-free holiday events, from tree lighting ceremonies to winter festivals. Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit while ensuring you’ll get home safe. Try NoCo Winter Wonderland, Winter Wonderlights, the Sweaty Sweater 5K, or the Onesie Dash in northern Colorado.

The winter holidays are meant to be a time of joy, love, and togetherness, and you don’t need drugs or alcohol for an entertaining celebration. If you do choose to drink or use drugs, remember: If you FEEL different, you DRIVE different.


Hand over the keys. Together, let’s make this holiday season a safe and memorable one.

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