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A toddler sits on the floor and holds a yellow, bridge-shaped block between his hands. An assortment of colorful blocks can be seen on the floor in the background. Text reads: “Make the Right Call. Between 2017 and 2021, cases of accidental marijuana edible ingestion by children 5 and under rose 1,375%. The No DUI Larimer logo appears in the bottom right corner of the image

Children and Edibles – 5 Safety Tips

Children and Edibles – 5 Safety Tips Between 2017 and 2021, cases of accidental marijuana edible ingestion by children 5 and under rose 1,375%. Many ...
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When should I start talking to my child about alcohol and marijuana? Parent/child discussions about alcohol and other drugs have been shown to be effective at reducing a child’s chances of later developing a substance abuse issue when begun as early as age 9. This may seem young, but many young people start drinking before age 15. Thirty-three percent of eighth graders in the United States said they tried alcohol at some time in their lives, and 65 percent of teens who do drink reported that they get drunk in a typical month (SAMHSA). Parent conversations with their kids are critical and the leading influence on whether a teen chooses to drink.

Children and Alcohol – When and How to Start Talking About It

Approximately 88,000 Americans die from alcohol-attributed causes each year, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. According to SAMHSA ...
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Boating Under the Influence Can Be Deadly

Boating Under the Influence Can Be DEADLY

You may be surprised, but having alcohol on a boat is not against the law, but driving a boat under the influence BUI (boating under ...
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An extensive wine selection is pictured on the shelves at Bullfrog Wine & Spirits in Fort Collins, Colorado

The Impacts of Proposition 125 in Larimer County

In November 2022, Proposition 125, allowing the sale of wine in grocery and convenience stores, was narrowly passed by voters. No DUI Larimer took a ...
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A DUI Ride-a-long Experience

A DUI Ride-a-long Expereince Our goal at No DUI Larimer is to end impaired driving in Larimer County. We partner with other safety-minded organizations, share ideas at ...
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35 Years of a Life-Changing Mentoring Partnership

My name is Tonya Allen and this is the story about my match with Partners 35 years ago today and how it has changed my ...
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